Top 10 Reasons to Choose iSmile Implant Center

From the minute you call or step into our unique, state-of-the-art dental office, you’ll feel you are in the right place. I’ve carefully designed it to ensure your experience of dentistry is pleasant, enjoyable, and even fun (believe it or not ☺).

Perhaps the reasons we hear most often why people chose iSmile Implant Center for their dental implant needs are “Everything is done in the same office by the same team” and “With GuidedSMILE, Dr. Mirelez gave me a new smile in one day at a much lower cost than other similar options.”

As you look for a dentist or for the right practice to place your dental implants and improve your smile, you will find that not all dentistry is the same. When you come to our office, you will be glad you came for many reasons, including the following:

Top 10 Reasons to Choose iSmile Implant Center
  1. Most trustworthy and caring dental team
  2. Painless and comfortable care is essential
  3. Affordable care with payment options
  4. Only the best implants and materials utilized
  5. In-office dental lab for quick & excellent results
  6. State of the art technology utilized
  7. Non-judgmental care where we look forward and find solutions
  8. Highly educated and skilled doctor who provides a total solution under one roof, no need to go to multiple dentists
  9. Sedation dentistry for fearful & busy patients
  10. Always looking out for your best interest and primary goal is to establish a healthy & happy long-term relationship


What Our Patients Say

Here are what two of our patients have said about their experience with getting dental implants at the iSmile Implant Center with Dr. Mirelez. Read more testimonials and patient stories…

Dr. Mirelez’s implant dentistry treatment has improved my quality of life because I don’t have to be embarrassed to go out and eat at a restaurant or even a fast food place. I would always try to sit in a corner facing away from people. I would always have to stop between bites and run to the restroom or cover my mouth to remove my old dentures to clean food that would slip underneath. Dr. Mirelez and his team are the GREATEST! They have truly performed a miracle for me. Thanks a million Dr. Mirelez and team!

I just want to say one last thing… doing the implant dentistry procedure was the best decision I have ever made for myself. I feel like a new person. I highly recommend this procedure to anyone who has any type of denture problems.

Angel Villa, Baker, Fresno

Before Dr. Mirelez changed my life, I was miserable. Many of my teeth were loose in my jaw bone, which limited what and where I could eat or even smile. I was embarrassed and had a lack of self-confidence due to my deteriorating bone and teeth. Although I am generally a very happy person, I never smiled and was often depressed. I am 50 and was not ready for traditional dentures on a long-term basis…I am too young. I had 12 implant placed to hold onto my new fixed crowned teeth. I now feel AWESOME and I can smile all the time and not worry or be embarrassed. I can eat in public again, including some of my favorite foods I had not been able to eat for a very long time…ribs, and corn on the cob, and steak…you get the idea. I certainly eat all of my favorite foods…sometimes too much. My new teeth look so real…no one can tell they are not my original teeth. I love to smile and feel great about how I look. Dr. Mirelez’s implant dentistry has changed my quality of life for the best…my self-confidence is back.

I went through years of misery and Dr. Mirelez gave me my enthusiastic life back. His office staff is excellent…there is none better. Dr. Mirelez and his staff met me more than once during his vacation time, off days and even during the holidays. I never was in doubt of the professionalism and personal attention given to me throughout the process. Dr. Mirelez was always there for me in my cheering section. After having the permanent fixed denture installed, I am ecstatic with the results. As I stated above, I can and do eat everything and I am smiling much more. I am so excited when someone who is unaware that I have a brand-new smile (thanks to Dr. Mirelez), compliments me on my smile…and three people have in the past thirty days. Just how do others know that I really appreciate their compliments? I only smile and say, “Thank you…I can not take credit for the beautiful teeth and smile, they are a result of the very hard work and dedication by my dentist, Dr. Mirelez.” I am honored to share my experiences with those of you who are considering implant dentistry either through testimonial, over the phone or even in person…I have been blessed to have started and completed this procedure with Dr. Mirelez…his caring and personal attention to me will always be appreciated. Expect perfection, as that is what you will receive from Dr. Mirelez.

Kari Traxler, Business Owner, Fresno